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One of my favorite waterfall destinations in Wisconsin is Amnicon Falls State Park. There are several reasons I like to visit the park. On one it is at critical junction in my travels to the Minnesota North Shore of Lake Superior and the South Shore in Wisconsin. When I travel to either location I usually travel past Amnicon Falls State Park. A more important reason is the large number of beautiful waterfalls in a very small area.

Now and then Falls

Now and Then Falls

As the name implies the waterfall exists only now and then. In fact, it wasn’t until my third visit to the park that I realized that the waterfall existed at all. The water flow has to be high enough feed the falls which is on a tributary flowing off of the main river. I always check to see if this falls has water flowing over it. This falls can be shot from a bank above the falls and by scrambling down the bank to the right of the falls. I like to wade up the stream to photograph the falls from below. It used to be easy to describe how to reach the falls because it was right behind the restrooms. However, the recently build new restrooms in a different location. The falls is located to the right of the new restrooms at the south end of the main parking lot.

If the stream flow is low enough I like to wade up the stream to get some intimate photographs  There can be a lot of debris in the stream so sometimes it is difficult to get to the base of the falls.

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

Upper Falls is located just above the Covered Horton Bridge. It can be very dramatic if there is a large amount of water flowing in the Amnicon River. There are photographic opportunities from above, below and on both sides of the river. You can photograph from the bridge or if the water levels are lower you can walk under the bridge. This is a popular wading spot in the summer so you may have to share the falls with others.

Lower Falls

Covered Horton Bridge

Lower Falls is located just below the Covered Horton Bridge. You can photograph from both sides of the river. Just below the parking lot on the cliffs above the river is probably the place most people photograph from because if offers a dramatic view of the Horton Covered Bridge just above the falls. This is also a popular wading spot in the summer so you may have to share the falls with others.

Snake Pit Falls

Snake Pit Falls

Snake Pit Falls is located across the island from the Horton Covered Bridge. It is perhaps the most dramatic of the waterfalls as is drops in a deep chasm before flowing back toward the main stream. You can photograph the falls from several locations above the falls and also walk down a gully to photograph where the falls leaves chasm.

Amnicon Falls State Park

There are many more smaller waterfalls located in this beautiful park. In addition there are rapids all along the Amnicon River in the park.

You can view more photos of Amnicon Falls State Park on my website.


  1. Hey, Philip –

    I’ve only been to Amnicon once & didn’t get many decent shots, but I did get one of Now and Then Falls I quite like. I climbed down the bank to reach the base of the falls rather than wading upstream, so that’s another possibility…

    This post reminds me that I need to get back there one of these days!

    I always look forward to your posts – you visit a lot of places I’ve enjoyed visiting or want to visit one day myself!

    – Jack

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