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Baltimore Oriole male

Just before Mother’s Day my wife saw a male Baltimore Oriole at our feeding station. I went out and put up an Oriole sugar water feeder and also put out a batch of grape Jelly. Typically we have a few Orioles show up at our feeders around this time of year. They stay for a week or so and are usually gone until later in the summer when they show up again.

Baltimore Oriole male

On Monday we had a storm come through with heavy wind and rain. The storm caused our power to go off so there wasn’t much that could be done either inside or outside. About the only thing to do was to pick up a book and read by one of the windows. During the storm I started to notice more and more birds trying to land at the feeders. It was a little tough with the wind and rain. It was hard to see them because the rain was blasting against the windows. I also noticed that there were a large number of Orioles at the feeder. Several times during the day there were seven males trying to get at the two feeders I had put up. This was the most I have ever seen at any one time.

Baltimore Oriole female

Gradually the storm abated and later in the afternoon we actually had some sunshine. Since I couldn’t do much else I spent most of the day watching the birds at the feeder and reading. This was by far the best day I’ve had watching and photographing Baltimore Orioles. Most of them were males but there were a few females in the mix.

The next day there were fewer of them around but later in the week they returned in large numbers. I had eight of them at one time at the feeding station. This time there were more females at the feeder. They have stayed around and I’ve already gone through over a gallon of grape jelly. Apparently everyone has a large number of Orioles around because I couldn’t find grape jelly in the store yesterday.

More photos can be found on my website.

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