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Canada Goose

What a difference a week makes. Last week I walked around the wetlands area and both ponds were covered with Ice. The first thing I look for in the spring are the Canada Geese. They returned about three weeks ago but then disappeared for a while after the March blizzard. Last week they were back walking around on the ice. Normally a pair nests on a small island in the first pond. The last couple of years a second pair has been nesting near the second pond. Both pair of geese were on their respective ponds but the ponds were frozen solid. I was more than a little surprised to find a broken goose egg along the dike by the first pond. Not sure what was up with that.

Today when I walked around the ponds I think both pair of geese were on their nests. The nest on the first pond is fairly obvious but I haven’t been able to find the nest near the second pond. However, only one of the geese was present on the second pond indicating the mate was probably on the nest.


I could hardly hear myself think as I approached the first pond. I don’t recall ever hearing so much noise created by so many frogs. Usually I can’t see them but they were really active today. I don’t know if they were mating or just happy to be out of hibernation. There was even a painted turtle in the pond.

The Song Sparrows were singing up a storm today.



Pussy Willows

The pussy willows are in full bloom and many of the trees are starting to bud out so the view from the tower should be great in a few weeks.

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