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Copper Harbor Lighthouse

Recently we took a long weekend road trip the U.P of Michigan. The goal on the second day was to ski the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Ski Trails outside of Copper Harbor. After we finished skiing we decided to drive down to the to the northern terminus of highway 41 just east of Copper Harbor. Highway 41 goes 1990 miles from Copper Harbor to Miami, Florida. I thought it would be fun to take a picture of the sign hanging in 5 feet of snow to show our southern friends what it is like up north.


Copper Harbor Lighthouse

We drove up to Fort William and took a few photos of the Copper Harbor Lighthouse but the day was overcast and the light wasn’t very good. We then continued on to the terminus of highway 41 only to find that the DOT had removed the sign for the winter.


On the way back to Copper Harbor we noticed that the sun had emerged and was shining directly on the Copper Harbor Lighthouse. The scene was even more dramatic because there was a lake effect snowstorm out in the lake and the skies were almost black in the background. We quickly pulled over and were able to get some dramatic shots of the lighthouse.


Lake SuperiorWe then drove back along the west coast of the Keweenaw on highway 26.


There a few more shots on my Website.




  1. Nice! I’ve only been to Copper Harbor once, but I really want to go back sometime…

    Have you ever met Steve Brimm while you were there? He’s a nature photographer who splits his time between Copper Harbor & the Carolinas…

    – Jack

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