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Swedetown Backcountry Trail

In my Blog posted a couple of weeks ago I described how we spent the day cross country skiing at the Swedetown Ski Trails. Toward the end of the day we spent a little time on the Back Country Trail and liked it so much we vowed to ski the entire 3.5km the next time we were in the area. On Sunday morning we had some time and more fresh snow so we decided to head out to Swedetown and ski the Back Country Trail.

Swedetown Backcountry Trail

The Back Country trail is groomed occasionally to pack the snow down and still give the skiers a back country experience. The grooming consists of packing and tracking. When we arrived it not been groomed and it was covered with about 8 inches of fresh snow.

Swedetown Backcountry Trail

This is not a trail you want to take if it has just been groomed because it is narrow and doesn’t allow for much control when skiing downhill. It could also be very fast. You also don’t want to ski it with long skis because there are a lot of short ups and downs. Some friends took it a couple of weeks ago just after grooming and they spend a lot of time on the ground and were soaking wet by the time they finished.

Swedetown Backcountry Trail

The photos don’t do the experience justice. It is a winter wonderland as you glide through the trees covered with fresh snow. The best time to ski it is after a snowstorm so you get the real back country experience. I highly recommend taking this trail if you have the right conditions.  It is clearly marked on the map at the trailhead and with signage along the trail.

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  1. Hi, glad you like the Swedetown ski trails. The back country trail is many local’s favorite groomed trail. When we groom it we do set tracks. Unfortunately we can’t pick up the track setter so the tracks are continuous. The trail skis better after being ‘user groomed’, but I love it right after grooming. There are some tricky spots but I always ski it with my 205cm high end race skis. I really don’t think short skis are necessary. This year we started grooming a short bypass around the far gully. Sometimes folks get in over their heads and start walking and post hole the trail and then it is really sketchy for the skiers. It IS very sweet on the BC trail after a heavy snow. It is also the most difficult trail to groom, always giving us a good sweat. It’s a workout trying to keep a 850 lb snowmachine from rolling over while dodging trees etc for three laps.
    Some of our main trails have ‘black/difficult’ labels only because there are one or two challenging spots. Some of our board members are worried about beginning/intermediate skiers thinking a trail will be flat. Take care, keep skiing and hope to see you on the trails. dt,

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