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It was a beautiful sunny day in Menomonie. I had a chance to visit some of my favorite winter haunts. The first stop was at Devils Punchbowl. The steps are a little icy after the recent rain so it is best to wear some form of traction device on your feet. The Ice wall wasn’t it top winter form. For some reason it looked a little ragged. The worst part is that tree has fallen down from the top of the wall and is hanging over the best part of the wall. Looks like it will be with us for most of the winter. The photo is from the little stream that flows through the area.

Paradise Valley

The second stop was Paradise Valley. I was hoping for some nice ice formations along the stream but the recent light snowfalls have covered up the ice. The Ice wall looks good and there is enough snow along the left side of the waterfall so you can walk up the valley to view some more little falls. The photo is from the top of the waterfall looking back down the valley. Again traction on the shoes is recommended.

Ice Wall Red Cedar State Trail

Skied from Menomonie to Irvington on the Red Cedar Trail. The trail is great for skate skiing with a nice firm base with a little snow on top. The classic track ends at about the 3/4 mile marker where the tracking equipment broke down a few weeks ago. Up to this point the track is very good. Beyond this point the classic track has been skied in and varies is quality. This shot was taken in the morning along the ice wall.

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  1. I love “Reflection”, very beautiful. Wish I took it so I could paint it.

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