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I recently found out that I had two wining photographs in the River Alliance of Wisconsin fourth annual photo contest. The Alliance was looking for “photography representing the diversity of life that thrives in and along our rivers (including people) and the looming threats to this diversity”. There were 5 categories in this years contest: animals, plants, people, landscapes, and threats. Additional information on the River Alliance can be found on their website.

Cedar Waxwing

The first winning photo was in the Animal category and was of a Cedar Waxwing taken in the summer along the Red Cedar River in Menomonie, Wisconsin. Cedar Waxwings can be found along the trail at various times of the year. You can’t always predict where they will be but when you find one you will find a flock of them.

Spotted Touch-me-not

The second Winning photograph was in the plants category and was of a Spotted Touch-me-not. They are the most common flower along the Red Cedar Trail from Menomonie to about the four mile mark on the trail. They usually boom in the late summer. I try to photograph them early in the morning when there is a heavy dew. There are also large numbers of Pale Touch-me-nots in the same area. I’ve also seen a few White Touch-me-nots.

You can view all of the photos submitted for the contest by going to the River Alliance of Wisconsin Photo Contest website on Flicker. You must be logged in to Flicker to view the photos.

More of my photos can be found on my website.


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