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Frost along the Red Cedar River

This is the first time I’ve been on the trail since the weekend blizzard. I skied the trail from Menomonie to Irvington today. Someone has run up and down the trail with a snowmobile but it has not been groomed. It is slow going even on classic skis. The surface is very uneven and there are no real tracks. On the other hand if you get off the snowmobile tracks you are breaking trail in snow that is at least a foot deep so it is best to stay on the trail unless you are really looking for some exercise.

There has been a lot of frost along the trail on these cold mornings. Even late in the afternoon there was a considerable amount of frost on the trees. It is quite spectacular and well worth braving the cold temperatures.

Ice Wall

The ice wall at the 1.5 mile mark is looking good. If you ski past in the morning it will have a white appearance. If you wait until the afternoon when it is in the shade it will have a deep blue color.


Also in the afternoon there have been some great golden reflections on the river and the river ice. I got some great reflection shots all along the trail.

I also saw several deer, two mature eagles and one immature eagle as well as two Red-tailed hawks.

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