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Surf Lines

We made a couple of trips to Houghton to pick up our son for Thanksgiving break. On the trip up we stopped at Union Bay on the edge of Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. I manage a few quick photos. This is a shot from the beach at Union Bay.

On the return trip after Thanks giving we found that the UP had much more snow. So much that a number of the x-country ski destinations were open. This was a big change from previous years. The locals seem to think they will be having a huge year for snow. Apparently when the lake is warm, as it was this year, they are estimating they will get over 300 inches.

Bald Eagle

We saw more wildlife than we have ever seen on our drives through the UP. Deer were abundant. We ran across on deer kill with four eagles on it and saw about a dozen eagles in all. Also saw a couple of fox walking across a lake. This is a shot of one of the eagles waiting near the deer kill.

Abandoned Buildings

We stopped along the highway just north of Bruce Crossing to take some photos of a long abandoned farm house. I had been wanting to get a B&W of the place when the snow was on the ground but hadn’t had the opportunity before. The snow is usually so deep that it is difficult to park along the road but it worked out this trip.

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