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Paradise Valley is located just outside Menomonie, Wisconsin. It is very small with a spring fed stream flowing through the bottom of it. About 150 yards from the road there is a 15 foot waterfall that flows over some sandstone rocks. If you walk up alongside the falls you will encounter a second small waterfall that drops over a 3 foot sandstone ledge. If you can make it over the sandstone ledge, there used to be a ladder, the stream flows through some boulders and then fades out as it reaches the springs where water just seems to appear out of the ground. The sandstone rocks and walls are covered with moss and flowers this time of year.

Last week’s heavy rains moved a lot of sand into the stream and removed a large log that used to lay along the left side of the first waterfall. The bottom of the stream is now almost all sand as opposed to a combination of sand and rocks.

Directions and additional photos can be found on my website.

The first shot was taken this week and shows the ripples in the new sand bottom of the stream.

This shot was taken last summer and shows the first waterfall with the large log on the left side. This is no longer there.

This is a shot of the second waterfall with a view of the large boulders above the stream.

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