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Great Blue Heron Nest

I usually photograph Great Blue Herons at a rookery along the Ice Age Trail but the rookery is located in an aspen grove. Many of the dead aspen have fallen down and the birds have moved their nests into the live trees. It is still possible to get some distant shots early in the spring but once the leaves are out it is impossible to see the birds. This spring I was commiserating with the ranger about the problem and someone overheard the discussion and mentioned the Island Lake Rookery. This past week was the first chance I had to visit it.

Green Heron

Turns out it is a great location for photography. You have a clear view of the nests from along the road. The nests are all in dead hardwood trees in a swampy area. There about  25 Great Blue Heron nests visible from the road with more nests out of view. In addition to the Great Blue Herons there were at least three pair of Green Herons working the area and an Osprey nest. I spend a morning watching the Herons fly in to feed their young. It was really exciting when the parent arrived at the nest and the young Herons started vying for food. The Osprey nest was also occupied and there were 4 Osprey either on the nest or flying in the area.


More shots and directions to the area are on my website.

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