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Eastern Bluebird

I discovered that Eastern Bluebirds love sumac berries by accident. A number of years ago I was walking through the woods in the middle of the winter discovered some Northern Cardinals and Chickadees feeding on sumac berries. I though it would be a great idea to cut a sumac branch and place it by my birdfeeders. I attached it to the feeder with some duck tape and waited. Seems that when they have a choice, the birds would much rather eat black sunflower seeds than sumac berries. I left the sumac attached to the feeder because it made a colorful prop for shooting birds against the white snow. Before I had a chance to remove the branch the Bluebirds had returned from their winter vacation. Turns out they, along with Robbins, love sumac berries.


Eastern Bluebird

For the last several years I have gone out in early spring and cut some sumac branches and installed them in an area where I can easily photograph the Bluebirds. I use a plastic fencepost with a spike on the end which makes it easy to plant and move the post. These are available at your local Farm and Fleet stores. I duck tape the branch to the fencepost. And wait for the Bluebirds to return. I usually keep a few branches stored in the garage so I have some replacements as the birds clean up the berries.



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