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Monthly Archives: April 2010

It was another beautiful day at Hoffman Hills. The view from the tower keeps improving. Red buds are still predominating but the greens are starting to show through.


It is a sellers market for birdhouses with the Bluebirds and Swallows competing for the limited number of houses in the prairie and wetlands. It looks like a number of them have setup housekeeping.

The Canadian Geese are on the nest in the first wetland pond. The nest is more visible this year than in past years. The water levels in the ponds are the lowest I’ve seen.

The frogs in the wetlands are making lots of noise. Quite a few butterflies are out and the birds are singing.

Hoffman Hills Pond

The painted turtles are out in force in the second pond. The willow trees at the second pond are really showing their bright colors and offer a nice contrast to the green pine trees and red maple buds in the background.

The prairie flowers are starting to emerge with Prairie Smoke likely to be the first flower to bloom.

More spring photos on my website.

Spring Beauty

The trail is in good shape for biking after the DNR graded and rolled it today eliminating the ruts caused by the early bikers and hikers. I hiked from Irvington to the 6 mile marker today. I was mainly looking for wildflowers. The Skunk Cabbage is out all along the trail. Bloodroot, Spring Beauty and Anemone can be found along the trail. I also noticed a large patch of White Trout Lilies along the trail but they are a ways from blooming. Noticed a Spring Azures Butterfly along the trail. At the 6 mile mark there were 4 Bald Eagles circling  

More spring shots at my website.

Morgan Falls

The first stop was Morgan Falls. This is the earliest time I’ve visited Morgan Falls. The road in from county GG was a little wet and soft in places. There was a little snow along the road but it should be gone this week. The road from the Falls to Ashland was in good shape. The Falls had more water coming down that I expected given the warm weather we have been having and the lack of any snow or rain in the past month. Unfortunately the sun was out and shinning on parts of the falls so photography was difficult.

Amnicon Falls

The second stop was Amnicon Falls State Park. There was a fair amount of water coming over the falls although I’ve seen more. The Now and Then falls was flowing. Again the sun made photography tricky.

Wisconsin Point Lighthouse

The last stop was Wisconsin Point. I managed to capture a few shots of Wisconsin Point Lighthouse.

Rock and Ice Abstract

This is probably the last ice shot of the season from Devil’s Punchbowl located just outside Menomonie, Wisconsin. We had a cold night and I was able to get a few shots before the ice melted and the temperatures reached 80 degrees. This is an abstract version of the shot created by over saturating the photo. The original and a few more shots can be found on my website.



I was wrong in my earlier post regarding the two geese in the first pond. They are no longer on the nest and are spending their time paddling around the pond.

The pussy willows are beyond the green stage for the most part. They will likely be gone by next week.

In the second pond there were quite a few frogs and turtles out. I particularly like to set under the willow tree at the south end on the pond and watch the painted turtles. There are several branches in the water and they like to sun themselves. They will hit the water when you approach but if you sit down under the tree you will see their heads start to pop up. Wait a little while and they will start working their way to the branches.

More photos of Hoffman Hills.

The views from the tower are showing quite a bit of color as the maple trees start to bud.