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We used Duluth as a base and headed out to photograph the waterfalls along the south shore of Lake Superior between Superior and Bayfield. Our first stop was Twin Falls but we were very disappointed to find there was almost no water flowing over Twin Falls. We continued on to Lost Creek Falls.

More photos from Lost Creek Falls can be found on my website.


With all of the recent rain the trail was very muddy. We hiked in from Klemik Road because isn’t as steep as the trail from Cornucopia. There were a lot of mud holes in the trail and knee boots would be a good choice on this hike.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7843a

There were a lot of wildflowers in bloom along the trail including a rare find. I just happened to look into the wood at the right moment to see this Pink Lady Slipper hiding under dome other plants.Pink-Lady's-Slipper-14-6-_7904



Again we didn’t find as much water flowing in the river as we expected given all of the rain and the wet trail. However, there was enough water to provide some nice shots.Lost-Creek-Falls-14-6-_7886


The wildflowers were in full bloom as we drove around Crex Meadows. This was the most wildflowers I’ve seen at one time at Crex. We seemed to have hit it just right. Normally I have problems photographing wildflowers because the wind is usually blowing at a good clip but early in the morning it was relatively calm so after driving around looking for birds we started looking for wildflowers.

MoreĀ  photos from Crex Meadows can be found on my website.

Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine

Veine Pea

Veine Pea

Hawk's Beard

Hawk’s Beard

Downy Phlox

Downy Phlox

Goat's Beard

Goat’s Beard

When the Eastern Bluebirds were building their nest the fledglings from the first Clutch started hanging around the new house. Several weeks later they are still hanging around although I don’t see them as frequently.

More Summer bluebird photos can be found on my website.


They like to hang around on a sumac perch I have setup in the back yard. They like to eat the berries and use it to hunt for insects in the grass.Eastern-Bluebird-fledglings-14-6-_7116

If a parent shows up at the same perch they like to think they are going to get fed but it doesn’t happen.Eastern-Bluebird-fledgling-14-6-_7001


I was standing on the Aerial Lift Bridge photographing the Ship Canal when the alarm went off and I had to grab my camera in the middle of a bracketed sequence and head off the bridge. The Walter J McCarthy was heading out of port into the sunrise. I walked down to the end of the South Breakwater to get some shots of it heading out.-Walter-J



In this case the State of Michigan refers to a training ship operated by the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. It is use to train future mariners on the great lakes. when they graduate they will have a degrees in business and will be qualified to sail on the great lakes and oceans.State-of-Michigan-14-6-_5097

The State of Michigan usually makes a run to Duluth, Minnesota in the spring. I happened to be in Duluth when it arrived this year.State-of-Michigan-14-6-_5113

It is an impressive ship as it comes into the harbor. I noticed that there were a large number of bikes on the ship. Apparently when it docks in a port the crew/students take advantage of the visit to bike around town.

It docked at the DECC in Duluth Harbor overnight before heading out in the morning.

On a recent trip to Duluth we stopped at Amnicon Falls State Park. We assumed there would be a lot of water flowing in the Amnicon River but were a bit disappointed. There was enough water to so that Now and Then Falls was had water flowing over it.Now-and-Then-Falls-Amnicon-Falls-State-Park-14-6-_8039

It was an overcast day so it was relatively easy to photograph the various waterfalls without having to resort to a neutral density filter.Amnicon-Falls-State-Park-14-6-_8088

I was able to capture a different shot of Snake Pit Falls. It appears to almost wrap around itself as it flows into the canyon below the falls.Snake-Pit-Falls-Amnicon-Falls-State-Park-14-6-_8129

A few weeks ago we were in Eau Claire on business and decided to drive over to Big Falls County Park. It’s been a while since we visited Big Falls and with all of the recent rain thought there might be a good water flow. We weren’t disappointed there was some nice water going over the falls. We were also pleasantly surprised to find quite a few wildflowers growing along the road into the park and along the trail to the falls.Big-Falls-County-Park-14-6-_8182




One morning I was in Duluth’s Canal Park photographing reflections in the Ship Canal.Aerial-Lift-Bridge-14-6-_4966

The following morning the lake was so rough that the waves were breaching the sides of the Ship Canal as the James R. Barker passed under the Aerial Lift Bridge.James R. Barker 14-6-_4892

Abort! abort! and go around. That is what it felt like watching the Bluebirds building their nest. the female would fly in from the garden with a big load of grass in her beak. When she had a big load or when both the male and female approached the house at the same time she would have to abort her landing and go around again or land on the house before trying again.

More Summer bluebird photos can be found on my website.





We spent part of one morning looking for the rare Karner Blue butterfly which is fairly common in Crex Meadows. In about an hour of searching we only saw a couple. It was difficult photographing them because they are about the size of a dime and the wind was blowing. The Karner Blue Butterflies should be around through July.Karner-Blue-14-6-_5450



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