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We were in Canal Park on a very cold November morning when the Algoma Montrealais sailed into Duluth past the North Breakwater Light.



A short time later we were at Rice’s Point when the Algoma Montrealais docked at the Holcim Docks.


I managed to get a few fall color photos as we drove home through Northern Wisconsin from Smalley Falls.Fall-Colors-Northern-Wisconsin-14-10-_1558



Another location we like to visit in the Baraboo area is Gibraltar Rock. During the fall color season the views can be spectacular. We were up early to so we could hike to the top of Gibraltar Rock while the sun was still behind us. As it turned out it was an overcast morning and the sun did not appear until we were leaving.




I had only been to Smalley Falls in Marinette County, Wisconsin once before. On that trip I wasn’t prepared to wade out into the river to photograph the falls. On this trip I was prepared with knee boots but the water level was too high because it had been raining for several weeks. A good shot of the falls can be had if you are willing to wade out into the river but is was a no go this trip.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1486

Smalley Falls is somewhat difficult to photograph because it is in a small steep gorge without many clear shots of the waterfall. Smalley Falls is actually a series of small falls that flow through the gorge. Nothing spectacular but a very nice series of waterfalls in a beautiful location.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1496

I was disappointed in part because the water levels were high but also because it was a beautiful day with lots of sun and shade.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1519

I finally decided the only way I would get any useful shots was to try using High Dynamic Range photography. In other words take multiple shots of the same scene and try to capture the bright sun in one shot, the mid-scenes in another and the areas in shade in a third shot. By combining the three shots in post processing I hoped to get an acceptable product.Smalley-Falls-14-10-_1531

The White-breasted Nuthatch is another bird that doesn’t always show up at my feeders. I had a pair appear this past summer and they seemed to have been joined by another pair for the coming winter.



White-breasted-Nuthatch-14-12-_0436More bird photos from the farm can be found on my website.

For some reason I have a relatively large number of Downy Woodpeckers at my feeders this year. So far I haven’t been able to get many photos of the males but have been able to get some nice photos of the females. A couple of them seemed to be asking ” What the heck when is this snow going to quit?”



Downy-Woodpecker-14-11-_1209More bird photos from the farm can be found on my website.

Still going through my fall photos. I know it is sad but fall is when I’m out the most and I have a lot of photos to go through. when we were at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore this fall the surf was really up. We drove out to Miners Beach to watch the surf. It was really windy with a dark overcast to the sky with a few patches of sun coming through the clouds. We decided to walk along the trail above the beach the take the trail up to Miners Castle. There was some great color and dramatic color along the way.






More photos from Pictured Rocks can be found on my website.

I don’t always have Purple Finches at my feeders during the winter but this year I have a few that have been showing up regularly the past several weeks.

Purple Finch - male

Purple Finch – male

Purple Finch - female

Purple Finch – female

Purple finch - male

Purple finch – male

More bird photos from the farm can be found on my website.

We have been up to the Ironwood area skiing three times already this year. This is by far the earliest we have skied in a number of years. The ABR Ski Trails are already a winter wonderland with over seven feet of snow so far this season.




I decided to start a series of blogs showing the birds of winter. Although it is not quite winter there has been snow on the ground for over a month. It really came early this year. I probably have more American Goldfinches at my feeders than any other bird this winter.




More bird photos from the farm can be found on my website.


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